"Keepon Expressions" is a webapp created to investigate human-robot social interaction, focusing on the Keepon platform, a non-anthropomorphic yellow robot primarily used in studies of interaction with children. Though devoid of any capabilties to change its facial expression, Keepon is still able to convey emotion and actively engage children in social environments.

The purpose of this webapp is to generate and evaluate a library of motion expressions that correlate to six primary emotions: fear, anger, joy, surprise, sadness, and love. Instead of relying on hard-coded motions, we hope that the data from this experiment will allow Keepon to autonomously generate a varied set of motions for any specified emotion in order to augment its degree of interactivity in social studies.

You, the user, will be given the opportunity to generate short motion sequences for Keepon and also evaluate the effectiveness of sequences created by other human users and our own algorithms. To begin, login with Facebook and use the menu on the right.

This webapp is part of a final project for the Spring 2011 course Intelligent Robotics at Yale University. Keepon is a trademark of BeatBots LLC.

NOTE: hmmm...Apparently this app doesn't work in IE. So don't use IE.